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How do I measure my room to get a quote?

Try to measure both the width and the length at the widest points of the room. Please don’t worry if your struggling to measure yourself, we provide a FREE home measuring service.

What units do I take the measurements in? meter, feet, inches, cm?

Please take measurements in whatever units you feel most confident in. All our quotes are given in square yards. But don’t worry we can convert the measurements for you.

How do I book a home measure?

Please complete the contact form located at the bottom of the page. A member of the team will be in contact to arrange a suitable day and time.

I like some of the flooring you have advertised online. But I’m not sure if they will match in my home? How can I see them in person?

We do not have a shop available for public viewing but we do have a fantastic SHOP AT HOME service! Get in contact with us to book a home measure. We will fetch samples to you!

Do you also provide a fitting service?

Yes we do! All fitting is carried out by experienced fitters. Carpet and Vinyl fitting is priced at £2.50sqyd (special offers available on orders over 40sqyds). Please contact us for personalised fitting quotes for Luxury Vinyl tiles.

I already have a carpet. Do you provide a fitting only service?

Yes we do! Get in-touch and we can provide more information and an on-line quote.


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